Sovereign Transformation Healing

Sovereign Healing


Sometimes you just need a little help clearing out low vibrational energy within your life that blocks you from moving forward with your life.  If you know that you are meant for something bigger in life, it can help to have someone guide you to your own self-discovery.  And there are times in our lives when we know what we think is right but we’re looking for some confirmation before moving forward.  You can find something here to help you transform your life.

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The Fields

Quantum Field Reading

During a Quantum field reading session, I’ll go into your fields to clear programs, devices, etc and then activate and upgrade information within your fields.

Quantum Trance



During a Quantum Trance session, I’ll go into your fields and then guide you through a journey into the self discovery of your purpose and gifts.


Quantum Trance
Radiant Illumination

Quantum Oracle Reading

Ask me one or two questions that you’re looking for guidance on. I’ll go into your fields and pull a few Oracle cards and do a mini-quantum field reading on your questions. This session is done remotely and the information will be sent to you through Messenger, e-mail, What’sApp, or another agreed upon communication tool.

Mitochondria Clearing and Activation

Private Session



The mitochondria is the energy powerhouse of our bodies. It is passed down through our matriarchal line. Our mitochondria shows signs of manipulation and depletion, which affects our energy life and life force. This guided clearing goes deep into the behaviors and devices that have been programmed into our fields and that are manipulating our reactions to everything that is happening in the world right now. It is time to clear out the energetic debris and take back our Sovereignty. Each session is up to 90-minutes. The first two sessions focus on clearing your fields, DNA, and mitochondria and the third session focuses on activating your divine remembrance and purpose.



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