As much as the world wants to believe that masculine and feminine energies are polarities, they are not. Polarities are opposite extremes of a single thing.  For example, water can either be ice or it can be boiling but it is still water.  Yes, as humans and as creators, we have both masculine and feminine energies within us regardless of our sex.  However, our feminine energy can never be masculine energy, nor can our masculine energy become feminine energy.  Our physical body is the polarity because we can change the shape and matter of our physical body but that does not change the energy of the masculine or the feminine energy.

power and money

As my teacher Nicole Gayle always says, masculine energy is the structure.  It is a provider energy.  It is strong and logical.  It builds things.  Feminine energy is creative life force.  It is free flowing and expressive.  It is pure power.  These are both strong and powerful energies that are meant to work together to create beauty, harmony, and more life on Earth.  These are our tools, individually and collectively, to create Heaven on Earth.

What is our history


We only have to look back through history to see how (and who) has been allowed to create.  And this history is fake, true, past life, and family lineage.  And honestly, we just need to look at all of the traumas in our own lives to know how this world is.  Tricia McCannon, author of The Return of the Divine Sophia, talks about the cult of Yahweh who came in with a patriarchal energy as the supreme energy and started to inflict trauma and death on the world through our women and children and through the men who tried to protect them.  I invite you to look around you and find the places that were created with just the masculine energy.  Can you see how dull and lifeless these structures are?  It is all cold, hard steel and concrete.


Now, start to look for the places where the feminine rebelled and tried to create without the masculine energy.  One of two things happen here.  There is either chaos and disorganization or exhaustion, burnout, and frustration.  The feminine energy without the masculine is equivalent to a raging storm or fire that destroys everything in its path.  OK…maybe that’s a little extreme here but I’m sure that we’ve experienced a little of that in ourselves or with the feminine who is trying to do it all; she eventually snaps and ends up sick, exhausted, and angry.


In the beginning

The 7 Hermetic Principles

I leave you with this reminder.  We, you, are meant to be a conscious creator.  We are meant to access the spark of living light within us to create beauty, life, and harmony.  Studying the Universal Laws, especially the 7 Hermetic Principles, healing our traumas, healing our inner child, and raising the inner masculine and feminine energies within us is how we rise together to create Heaven on Earth.  Invest every day in your own healing.  Invest time, energy, effort, and money.  Do what you can on your own to heal and know when you need to ask for help.  We all need help.  Being able to ask for help is part of the process of raising our internal and external masculine and feminine energies.  It allows us to verbalize our needs and receive help so that in the future, we will be able to receive the call for help and give it willingly.  It is a beautiful cycle of life. 


In the beginning

We are meant to be healed, whole, and divine.  We are meant to be loved.

Start to remember back to the friend’s house (or your own) that you loved to be at.  Or did everyone gather at your house?  Look at the relationship between the mother and father or look at the single parent who naturally had this balanced masculine and feminine energy.  There is a magnetic energy in these homes.  This balanced energy feels strong, safe, loving, whole, and healthy.  There is joy, laughter, and communication within these homes.  This harmonious flow is divine union.  We can achieve this internally and then externally.  Through the Law of Correspondence, what happens internally must also happen externally or what happens externally must happen internally.  And what happens within the macro is also happening within the micro.

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