There are enough people in the world who are sharing information about what the global elite are doing, and I am so grateful for their knowledge and their willingness to dive deep into the heart of darkness.  We need the people willing to do that work and they need our praise and support because they help us to know what we are rising to.  However, I think these elite leaders are irrelevant because they have taken power and have not actually earned it.  They operate in the shadows because they are cowards who promise our world leaders power and wealth to be the face of the elite.  And let’s be honest and clear here, the world leaders are not the elite; they are merely pawns and puppets and they are disposable. 

power and money

Again, these elite have taken power and they are cowards.  We hold the true power.  We are the spark of God.  Deep inside us is the hidden knowledge of our ability to be creator Gods.  The elite do not hold this power.  Only we do.  The elite have harnessed our power for far too long.  They have deflected their karmic debt onto our backs.  And I say enough is enough.  It is time to claim Sovereign Authority over our own energetic boundaries and fields.  It is time to COMMAND these foreign and inorganic energies out of us.  No longer will we feed these cowards with our blood, sweat, tears, anger, fears, blame, or shame.  Return their energy and their inorganic devices and their black magic back to them.  And if you’re feeling kind and generous, you can send it back through the cleansing of the living light.  You can return it with consciousness attached.

Stand up; rise up brothers and sisters.  Enough is enough.  You are the power.  You are the Living Light of God and it is time that you claim your authority and your sovereignty.

In the beginning

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