Money is just energy.  It is a physical representation of an exchange of energy.  Because this world is a physical world, all matter (the things that we can taste, touch, see, and smell), is a slow, vibrational energy. 

Bag of money

The elite have programmed us to believe that money equates to power and they want us to believe that because they have so much of it that they are the most powerful.  However, if you take away the physical realm and really look at the existing energy within us, they are siphoning energy from us (with no equal exchange or flow of energy) to have this perceived power. 

Once we start to unplug from their harvesting system, we will notice the true power, wealth, and energy that we contain.  Imagine what you could and would accomplish if all of your energy was kept within you.  Next, image receiving only equal exchanges of energy with others.  When I feel into that energy, it feels like true power and true wealth.

It isn’t bad that the people, who don’t generate their own energy, need to receive energy from others.  What we need to examine is the history of the Earth where these beings felt the need to take this energy by force and violence that has lasted for thousands of years.  Their approach is not an equal exchange of energy.  It is based on their own feelings of lack, fear, and unworthiness.  They projected their own emotions onto others in order to feel superior.  I hope that one day we’ll be able to heal all of this and find forgiveness for ourselves and others.  

freeing birds

Money is not the root of evil. Wanting and needing material comforts in a physical reality are not bad and wrong.  The equal exchange of energy between consenting people is beautiful and empowering.  A willingness to heal and unplug from this old system is the stepping stone to achieving this empowering exchange of life. 

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