In my early 30’s I lost any sense of sovereignty and freedom that I thought I had when I started dealing with an autoimmune disease. This autoimmune disease took 3 years of my life and completely changed my personality (for better or worse). To celebrate, I decided to finally follow my dream of going to massage school and becoming a healer. This first decision was the start of my journey to becoming my true sovereign self.

The Eagle is a symbol of freedom and sovereignty.

It was a life changing experience AND then it was 10 years of paralyzing fear on how to leave my corporate job and really follow my passion.  I would falter back and forth between wanting to leave and wanting to stay because of the money or because of the people that I worked with but the truth was it was fear and believing that I couldn’t support myself outside of corporate.  

The next 10 years, I searched for healing modalities that would “be the right thing”. I wanted something to take my healing to the next level. Beyond that, I was searching for someone to “make ME better”. I didn’t realize that I was in a trauma response pattern.  All I knew was that my life was exhausting and there was something wrong with me.  And as long as there was something wrong with me, no one would ever want to work with me.

What finally shifted

My life changed when I discovered Quantum Field Work. I was able to help people in ways that I never could before. It felt good to experience shifts in their energy. Clients friends even reported seeing a difference in their personalty and auras. I started using Quantum Field Work to help people shift timelines but it was taking longer than I wanted. I asked to be shown a better way. Two weeks later, my teacher said that she was going to be a guest teacher in Nicole Gayle’s program. Lo and behold, the subject of the training was timeline repair. I knew I had to sign up.

My life changed with that decision.  During my training, I healed childhood wounds. These wounds were creating patterns that kept me paralyzed in needing safety and security over my own freedom and my own dreams.  I connected with God Consciousness and the Holy Mother and Holy Father like never before. This connection led me to feel less lonely. I was finally free to start trusting my own intuition and my sovereignty.

And then this June (2020), I finally gave my notice and I haven’t looked back.  I’m focused on turning my dream into a reality and I want to help other people, especially women, release their patterns. My vision is to help people design their best lives. May we all find our sovereignty.